Seismic Protection for piping systems can be accomplished in a number of ways:

The key considerations to determine which solution is best for any specific challenge include:

  1. Amount of movement required (expressed in +/- X” inches, which represents that amount of non-concurrent movement in all three planes)
  2. Media in the pipes (sanitary systems grade requirements vs. natural & medical gas vs. steam/high temp hot water)
  3. Amount of real estate available between point-of-contact areas.
  4. Method the system is supported (hanging vs. racked)
  5. Required life expectancy/number of cycles
  6. Budget

Working with you, the answers to the above issues allow us to tailor the perfect solution to your specific challenge.

Please contact us to help determine which product line best fits your needs and requirements. You can contact us at 949-388-3100 or send us your info here.