Braided hose solutions provide a tremendous amount of options in solving a large variety of piping challenges;

  • Any kind of end fittings (matching or unique per end).
  • A large number of hose & braid solutions to cover movement, media or pressure requirements of a specific situation.
  • Easily accommodate marriages between different pipe sizes.
  • Providing vibration isolation to hard pipe systems from pumps, motors, etc.
  • Can be sized to provide for pipe miss-alignment, regular swinging motion, seismic protection, thermal protection, and much more.
  • Can be certified for gas (CSA) or domestic water (NSF-61) service.
  • Provide low spring rates for pipe that cannot withstand high torsional forces.
  • Can be offered AIS or Made in the USA compliant.
  • Typically offers very short production time.
  • Lower cost over other expansion joint options.
  • Long life/no maintenance.

We’re happy to assist in working through the lengthy decision matrix to provide you with the perfect solution to your braided hose needs ~ as well as alert you to potentially other equal or better solutions from our other product lines.

Both Unisource Manufacturing and Hyspan are extremely capable of solving your problems. Please contact us to help determine which product line best fits your needs and requirements. You can contact us at 949-388-3100 or send us your info here.