Kerr Engineering & Sales, Inc. has been the official manufacturing representative of Hyspan Precision Products since we opened our doors in 1983 ~ and we’re no less proud to represent their highly innovative and engineered products now, as we were then!  Hyspan®, founded in 1968, matches our own philosophy of providing multiple solutions to the same challenge; offering a wide array of expansion joints, ball joints, gimbals and much more!

But it’s not just the range of products that separates them from their competitors, but the depth of their playbook!  Need ball joints that are fully operational at ocean depths in excess of a mile?  Done.  An expansion joint to protect a long run of delicate piping that will go from ambient temperature to -321F in six seconds?  No Sweat.  Protect ALL of a hospital’s piped systems, when the location sits on an earthquake fault capable of +/- 36” of movement in all three planesLots of solutions!  What about when the seismic joint needs to take +/- 24” of movement…but it has to be a totally in-line joint?  Got it covered!

All of Hyspan’s product lines go the extra mile, for unparalleled performance. They are heavily involved and members of Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) where they remain on the cutting edge of expansion joint development and testing.

Corporate headquarters and primary facility are in Chula Vista, California, with an additional NAFTA-compliant plant across the border in Tijuana, Mexico, and Universal Metal Hose (a Hyspan subsidiary) located just outside Chicago, IL.  Their Chula Vista plant includes engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, inventory, and testing facilities.

They offer a solution (or two!) to virtually any expansion joint challenge!

Most importantly, Kerr Engineering & Sales, Inc. is your Hyspan certified solutions provider capable of solving all of your unique challenges! We offer fast turn-around on both quotes and production time, as well as highly competitive pricing!  Give us a call at 949-388-3100 today, so we can solve your current challenge!  Or click here to contact us on-line

  • Helpful Links
    • Hyspan’s Website offers a great deal of information on nearly all of its product lines, including:
      • Suggestions for best applications
      • Layout suggestions
      • Data and calculations for determining anchor forces
      • Installation instructions
      • Warranty information
      • Ball Joint Life Cycle Report