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Kerr Engineering & Sales, Inc is proud to be the official representative of Proco Products, Inc. for decades! A pioneer in the rubber expansion joint industry since 1980, Proco Products, Inc. has a well-deserved reputation for meeting the needs of every client ~ regardless of the challenge!  Located in Stockton, CA with the largest inventory in North America, Proco Products, Inc. has been recognized globally for the design and supply of rubber expansion joints and check valves.

Their products have been designed for efficiency and durability, helping reduce the risk of common maintenance problems. Boasting availability in a wide range of material choices, you can get the exact-right product uniquely suited to your particular conditions.  Proco caters to a vast range of industries, providing a wide range of products and services.

Kerr Engineering & Sales, Inc can frequently get products shipped out SAME DAY, with ground shipments only taking two days for in-hand delivery!  Overnight delivery is always an option!  We have special rates for popular 240 and 242 series joints!

  • Product Offering/Capabilities
    • Rubber Expansion Joints are used as a mechanism to prevent expansion from thermal and vibration energy. Proco Products, Inc.’s specially designed movement expansion joints have the ability to protect your equipment against a variety of stressors, including; miss-alignment, pump vibration, axial or lateral movement or challenging mediums like food, slurry or chemicals ~ while also being, low maintenance and durable for maximum efficiency. Their vast Rubber Expansion Joint offerings and options include;
      • Core & Cover Material Options that include Chlorobutyl, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and more
      • Multiple Options Per Each Size – choices in lengths, axial, lateral and misalignment offerings, as well as materials mentioned above!
      • Drilled or Threaded Flange Holes – Your choice for Style 240 and 242 joints
      • Concentric, Eccentric Reducers
      • Special Joints for use on plastic pipe (very low spring rates)
      • Imported or Domestic Origins – Proco Products, Inc. can meet your submittal, budget and timing requirements!
      • NSF-61 Certified Products

They offer a solution to virtually any Rubber Expansion Joint challenge

Most importantly, Kerr Engineering & Sales, Inc. meets your needs by offer fast turn-around on both quotes and production time, as well as highly competitive pricing!  Give us a call at 949-388-3100 today, so we can solve your current challenge!  Or click here to contact us on-line